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Custom Performance Rasp Terminator w/Cross-Over (RTX) for 01 to 06 BMW E46 M3

Permanently eliminates the exhaust RASP and increases mid-range HP and Torque on 2001 to 2006 BMW E46 M3. Direct replacement for the original exhaust section 1.
Price: $459.00
Available mid August. Pre-Order sales starts July 30th ($395 shipped).
Custom Performance Rasp Terminator w/Cross-Over (RTX) for 01 to 06 BMW E46 M3
Custom Performance Rasp Terminator w/Cross-Over (RTX) for 01 to 06 BMW E46 M3
Product Details
KILL THE RASP AND INCREASE POWER. The Rasp Terminator with Cross-over pipe (the RTX) is the 4th generation of Rasp Terminator. The original Rasp Terminator was developed by Custom Performance Innovations to solve the single most complaint heard among BMW M3 owners - the exhaust rasp noise. This hideous exhaust noise is emitted from any 2001 to 2006 BMW E46 M3. There is nothing wrong with the engine, it's just a matter of physics - a combination of high compression, variable valve timing, and cylinder head exhaust port design that causes a high-pitched, metal-rattling sound (i.e., the rasp) that is very loud and noticeable when the engine is revving at or above 4,000 rpm. The front section of the exhaust system - also known as section 1 - (shown below) is where this high-pitch rasp noise emanates and is the best location to terminate it.

Stock Section 1 (small single resonator)

RTX Installed


The RTX is a direct replacement for the original section 1 and it not only completely eliminates the rasp, you can expect 3 to 5hp increase as well as a 2 to 4 ftlb increase in torque!

The RTX is made with 2.365-inch mandrel bent, 304 stainless steel (16 gage), with polished 304 stainless steel resonators. The RTX uses a cross-over (H-pipe) balances and maintains exhaust pressure necessary for torque gains in the lower RPM band.  The two straight-through performance resonators completely and permanently eliminate the rasp while allowing for a free-flowing exhaust. The stainless steel flanges are TIG welded for strength and durability.

The RTX aligns with and mates perfectly to the collectors on the headers for a smooth exhaust flow transition. The CPI resonators are use a straight through, perforated core. Smooth transition and no exhaust turbulence = more power! 

The original equipment section 1 pipe is a mere 2.165 inch diameter. 

Custom Performance RTX is a full 2.368"

OEM pipe is only 2.165"

TIG Welded Flanges.

Beveled header flanges for a tight, leak-free seal.

Straight-through, perforated core resonators.

Dyno Comparison

RTX installed on a 2004 BMW M3 with a completely stock exhaust. Note this M3 also has Active Autowerks performance software. Baseline, stock HP/TQ curve in blue. RTX HP/TQ curve in red.

4-hp and 3-lbft of torque gain in the midrange.

Hear it for yourself  (CLICK HERE)